The @FedEx effect is real here in CA. The new FedEx Economic Impact Report shows how FedEx is delivering for California. Take a closer look at the report here:

Amazoom-Le Program

Amazoom Le Program

Expand Your Success with Amazoom-Le

We are pleased to announce that, starting September 18, 2023, we will begin operations in an ambitious project backed by UMCC. Our corporation has been created to diversify its business portfolio in the commercial, housing—real estate, technology, and banking sectors.

The first phase of our project will focus on the commercial sector, covering categories that range from corporate wellness to personal and home care. This phase includes thousands of recognized brands in the United States of America, with a minimum of 2500 suppliers and over ONE MILLION products. . At Amazoom-Le, we are committed to providing an innovative opportunity for micro and small entrepreneurs.

Our select portfolio can achieve substantial economic benefits without compromising time or investment. We work with product lines that already have a place in consumersˈ minds, facilitating direct and retail sales. We mainly focus on the thriving Latino community in California and the United States.

Amazoom-Le is the perfect catalyst for emerging entrepreneurs to compete and innovate. We believe in the potential of California and the United States, and our profit projections extend to markets throughout the Americas.

Join us in this exciting business venture. Discover how you can be part of the Amazoom-Le Program and seize this unique opportunity to grow and prosper in the business world. Together, we will build a future of success and opportunities. Contact us today!

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