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Wise Program

Wise Program

Welcome to the WISE PROGRAM at UMCC: Building Ethical and Prosperous Businesses

The WISE PROGRAM at UMCC is a space where entrepreneurs, creative professionals, business owners, executives, and leaders from around the world come together with a common purpose: to use Hubbard Administrative Technology in their businesses to build better, more productive, ethical, and community-oriented enterprises. This approach helps to instill true sanity and prosperity in their industries and regions.

Objective of the WISE PROGRAM: Ethics, Health, and Prosperity for Civilization

Our program aims to contribute to creating an ethical, healthy, and prosperous civilization. Through our actions, we restore fundamental moral values and standards in business. These values include honesty, integrity, and competence. We also promote rewards based on productivity and commitment to the prosperity of communities and nations.

Corporate Purposes of UMCCˈs WISE PROGRAM

  1. Unite Organizations Using L. Ronald Hubbardˈs Administrative Principles:

    We seek to unite all organizations that use L. Ronald Hubbardˈs administrative principles for business improvement and enhancement.

  2. Authorize the Use of Copyrighted Materials:

    Our mission includes authorizing the use of copyrighted materials to ensure that they are not modified, corrupted, or rendered unusable.

Dissemination of L. Ronald Hubbardˈs Administrative Works

UMCCˈs WISE PROGRAM disseminates the administrative works of the renowned author and philosopher L. Ronald Hubbard for implementation in organizational, professional, and private activities. This body of knowledge, the product of over three decades of research, testing, and codification, represents the most comprehensive management system in the world and the first actual technology of management and administration.

Additional Benefits Include:

  1. Being part of a growing global force of like-minded business professionals contributing to greater order, ethics, and productivity worldwide.
  2. Access to the Admin Know-How™ program, which includes checklists, brochures, and management tools designed to help you implement Hubbard Administrative Technology in your business or profession.

Join UMCCˈs WISE PROGRAM and be part of the transformation towards ethical, productive, and prosperous businesses.

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