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UMCC Import & Export Program

Umcc Import & Export Program

Every day, the number of entrepreneurs deciding to cross geographical borders as they enter international trade increases. The UMCC IMPORT & EXPORT PROGRAM directly responds to this growing trend.

International trade is becoming more significant daily. It plays a fundamental role in developing national economies, a primary focus of the UMCC IMPORT & EXPORT PROGRAM. This phenomenon is due to the increasing volume and the diversification of sectors and activities it encompasses. Moreover, economic globalization has led to a significant increase in foreign trade. This growth is driven by shrinking distances facilitated by new communication technologies. In this context, UMCC is fully engaged in this dynamic.

Many exporting companies are new to international trade, and many of them are small businesses. To counteract the lack of experience of SMEs in foreign exchange, the support of the UMCC IMPORT & EXPORT PROGRAM becomes essential. This program provides access to foreign trade consulting firms and expert professionals. These professionals can ensure the proper introduction of products to the target countries and compliance with the necessary procedures. They also facilitate smooth negotiations with foreign suppliers or buyers. In some cases, companies opt to outsource their export/import department.

UMCC IMPORT & EXPORT PROGRAM: Key to Success in International Trade

Large companies also frequently seek specialized foreign trade services, covering aspects such as goods transportation, contractual relationships, establishment of subsidiaries, or commercial networks abroad. Additionally, services such as market studies, internationalization plans, international marketing, customer service for foreign clients, and support in international bids and tenders are regularly demanded. Commercial intermediation by professionals capable of opening markets in other countries is also continually growing.

In this international scenario, a wealth of business opportunities are revealed through import and export activities. Adaptability and the search for specialized services, such as those offered by the UMCC IMPORT & EXPORT PROGRAM, are key to fully capitalizing on these constantly evolving opportunities.

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