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Incubadora de Empresas

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Fostering Your Business Success from the Start

Our Business Incubator is an engine of success rooted in a rich history of supporting entrepreneurship. From introducing the SME Law in the Senate of the Republic in 1997 to the launch of the Incubator program at Tec de Monterrey by Ph.D. Angélica Mora in 1998, and her involvement in Prince Charlesˈ visit to Mexico in 2002, we have cultivated a global reach. With a presence in 19 countries in Latin America, over 45 countries globally, collaboration with more than 700 universities, and a network of over 1100 contacts, we are leaders in driving entrepreneurship worldwide.

Our Network offers a wide range of services to our partners:

  • Networking: Connect with a global community of entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Legal support: Access specialized legal advice for your business.
  • Financing services: Obtain the financial backing your company needs to grow.
  • Global media: Promote your business internationally with our media platform
  • Coaching: Receive personalized guidance to achieve your business goals.
  • Tax advice: Keep your tax affairs in order and optimize your financial situation.
  • Proactive administration support: Learn to manage your company effectively and make informed decisions.
  • Affiliate program: Participate in our affiliate program and generate additional income.

Our goals are clear:

  • Develop a focus on High Performance with the networkˈs entrepreneurs, setting goals to ensure the successful execution of projects in the medium and long term.
  • Develop personalized business skills that allow us to provide evidence-based support, live the experience, and achieve development in areas with gaps in required skills.
  • We offer regional and online workshops that address critical topics for business success, such as innovative businesses, entrepreneurial skills, tools for your business, financing, and incubation capabilities.

Join our global community of entrepreneurs and discover how the Business Incubator can propel your business to success. Contact us today and start your journey towards business growth!

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Copyright 2024 USA Minority Chamber
Todos los Derechos Reservados